About Us

Who We Are

So you want to know who Art & Display is? That's easy. We're a group of creative minds who have come together to make your business look good. We make it happen by creating dynamic, inspired displays that show off your company's best assets and communicate the benefits of your product's services in extraordinary ways.


When Art & Display was founded in 1990, we were just a small company, with a handful of employees, focused on providing the best professional exhibits and displays on the market. Today, we do the same things, but with better tools, more employees, and a bigger audience. Our marketing and design experts come together from the nation's leading tradeshow and display design companies with more than 75 years of combined experience.

Mission Statement

When you work with Art & Display you can rest assured that your displays will always be exactly what you hoped for, and more. That's because we focus our efforts, our creativity, and your inspiration into creating the best displays on the market. It's our philosophy that you should never have to settle for less than everything you want, so we don't settle either.

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